Glass pipe "Helens"

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Glass pipe "Helens" - one of the inexpensive representatives of glass tubes. In our opinion, this device is suitable for everyone. Optimum dimensions, classic shape with a bowl directed toward the mouthpiece. Extremely injecible tube in the hands. Low weight will also be a good plus, coupled with the size will be able to easily find their place in the compartment of your bag or pocket. At the side of the bowl there is a turbo hole, which has become a classic and a necessity for smokers. The line is full of colors and is unique with each model. Identical to each other you can not find. Be like Napoleon, visiting St. Helena in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Length: from 9-11 cm

You can always buy a glass tube "Helens" in our shop on Bolshaya Vasylkovskaya 110, or by placing an order on our website with delivery all over Ukraine.

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