Product image 1Moon Exotics HHC Cartridge
Product image 2Moon Exotics HHC Cartridge
Product image 3Moon Exotics HHC Cartridge

Moon Exotics HHC Cartridge

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Moon Exotics HHC

One of the latest cutting edge options available to those seeking a hemp derived cannabis experience is HHC. First created back in 1944, HHC originates from hemp, before being put through a process called hydrogenation (also used to convert vegetable oil to margarine) to create the happy result we call HHC!. Perfect for delivering a calming, end of day type of sensation, HHC is the ideal choice for helping wind down in the evening. Moon Exotics carefully sources our hemp derived HHC to ensure that all of our customers can have the legal HHC products they enjoy, with the full confidence that it’s always federally compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. Stay ahead of the game and get your hands on the new Moon Exotics HHC Cartridges today!

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